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I believe everyone deserves a space that makes them happy, inspires relaxation, sparks imagination, brings joy, and ignites creativity!

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Exercise Rooms

Craft Rooms

Toy Rooms


Think baskets, bins, and floating shelves for smaller spaces.


Utilize wall space with built-in or store-bought storage shelves.


Under the bed, storage is perfect for maximizing unused space!

Exercise Room

Hooks are great for hanging bands, bars, and other equipment to keep them off the floor.


Sorting your clothes by type allows you to see exactly how much of one type of clothing you have.


Use low profile bins or baskets on a shelf or in a cabinet to file paperwork instead of a bulky file cabinet.


Sliding shelves are great for larger items like pots and pans and for hard to reach items
in the pantry.

Craft Room

Clear plastic tubs are not only stackable but also help you see all your colorful craft items.

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Happy Clients

Darlene L.

” Having an organized home is the best gift you can give yourself, and it turns out that it can also make an excellent gift for a loved one too! For my husband’s birthday, I hired Mo to help me clean out and organize my garage. He was SO surprised and still refers to that birthday gift as the best ever. She helped me organize my sewing room, giving me back the inspiration and motivation I needed to get back to being creative again. And when we decided to sell our house and downsize, she helped me declutter and get my home ready for showings and made packing and moving much less stressful than it would have been otherwise. If you appreciate organization, but don’t know where to begin, I would recommend her 1000%. She was born to organize. “

Michelle S.

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Miranda over the past several months. My household arrived in 4 of the largest Ryder type trucks made! This was my first move in over 23 years! I was wide eyed but it did not intimidate Miranda at all. She eagerly began to organize each box as it came off the truck. Her “I want you to touch each piece” approach was essential to be able to sort through years of accumulated belongings. Some of the decisions were not easy but Miranda’s patience and compassion always allowed extra space and time for those moments. She has innovative ideas for storing items and utilizes things you already have on hand where possible. She has a keen eye for budget friendly options too! This is truly a passion for her. She is a natural at working diligently through each project. I look forward to working with her in the future. “

Tabitha R.

” Miranda has not only made my room clean, beautiful, amazing, warm, and mature but she also made it a place I want to live in. She understands what it means to grow up and be human. I’m 17 and still held onto a lot of things that I’ve had for years, for no reason other than I was afraid to give them up; I thought “I really like this stuffed animal! He’s so cute and he hasn’t done anything wrong to me” But creating a place to grow and live should hold and surround you with things that matter to you on a level different from the rest. She never made me give anything up I didn’t want to. I feel as though I have grown a lot because of the process and I’m also not as afraid to move into my dorm next year because I know what’s important to me. She is a master of her craft. My bedroom had turned into a cave of bad vibes, suffocation, and made me feel unmotivated in every aspect of my life. I had started to sleep in the living room because I was so overwhelmed by how dirty and unmanageable my room had become! Now you will have to fight me tooth and claw to leave that room. My friends have even been motivated to re-do their bedrooms as well! My room is a place of comfort and it feels lighter. She did it all and more in only 4 days! Mrs. Miranda Smith is like my 2020 Mary Poppins! She came into my life like wildfire and calling her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. “

Stephanie H.

” I have used Organizing with Mo’s services three times now, and each time in a space I did not think could never be organized or pretty! And each time, she has shown me it can be done. I have learned from her so many techniques and strategies to organize any space, big or small. She is encouraging, helpful, and doesn’t judge my mess! We all have them, she understands that and works hard to help you process and deal with every single item. It has been an honor to work with her, and to thoroughly enjoy the clean organized spaces (which stay clean and organized now!) I cannot recommend her highly enough; you will not regret it! “

Ready To Get Started?

My personal motto is to be a blessing and encouragement while navigating the process together to change your space into a place you want to be in!

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